Linda Hughes HeadShotWow! We live in a very challenging time economically! Money to create, sustain or grow your business is required in greater amounts than ever, and yet it seems to have disappeared.

Money is out there though, it is just harder to find.

This requires you to be much more prepared in every way. It also requires you to “think outside the box”.

Before you go any further, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a business plan that has been vetted by business experts as well as experts within your industry?
  • Do you have your business team assembled and all gaps either filled or accounted for?
  • Do you understand your market and your competition?
  • Do you have customers yet? Can you account for why you do not yet have customers(ie: you are an inventor needing funds to proceed to the prototype stage)
  • Do you have this information packaged appropriately – as in, how investors or financiers want to see it?
  • No matter if you are trying to secure venture capital, angel investment, crowd funding, or debt financing, you will need to have this information ready and available.

If you have answered no to any of these questions, I would suggest that you stop by to meet the ECO Advisors and seek their guidance.

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, I would ask you to consider a few more:

  • How willing are you to look at and review your existing network for potential funding partners?
  • If you are willing, then I encourage you to be a part of The ECO Accelerator Network. Our Connectpreneurs teach you how to use the internet to expand your existing network.

How willing are you to consider multiple funding options?

No matter what country we live in, no matter what our politics or religion, there is great need on one side and the people who can fill that need are on the other side. The only thing that seems to be missing right now is the ability to connect the 2. Our old currency of exchange – money – seems to be in short supply. So this requires much more creativity and imagination.

Fortunately, many people are working on this problem right now and some amazing solutions are becoming available.

We have several experts familiar with these creative solutions. I would encourage you to seek them out. Help with funding and all other business challenges you may have are just a click away!

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